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While creating ergonomic, safe and prosperous structures, we design economical, green-friendly, modern and quality living spaces.


We offer concept project design, preliminary project, license projects, application projects with the architectural project design services you wish. In addition, we revive your dream structure from detailed solution applications to modeling stages.

The inspiration we get from the past and our culture illuminates our way while designing today's structures that touch people. We know that there cannot be an architectural understanding that does not include people in its center and that does not include the environment, social life, economy and even anthropology, psychology, sociology and philosophy in its formula, and we adopt a holistic approach in our works. With this multi-disciplinary approach, which we accept as a heritage, we modernize the past and bring it to the present.  


Presented by current technologies  In line with solutions, we add value to the future by using functional space solutions according to user needs in our buildings.

In this period when the construction industry continues to grow, we integrate the main elements such as functional solutions that stand out for you, accurate and precise budgeting, ensuring international quality standards, and delivering work on time and faster than anticipated processes with our designs.

Each project has a feature in its own frame and takes shape according to the change of parameters. As we do not limit our ideas, we believe that you should not limit your dreams during the design process.

After you send us the parameters of the project, your only task is to set your dreams free and become a reference for the project. While you are watching your dreams, we gather together the solutions and systems you need and realize them. Just call us to benefit from our architectural project services and get information.

We operate based in Ankara and mainly offer the following services:

  • Master Plan and Layout Plan

  • Concept Design

  • Preliminary and License Projects

  • Application Projects and Detail Solutions

  • Construction Site Tracking

statik proje


By analyzing the parameters that may threaten the health of the building, we design carrier systems that will ensure that the buildings work in accordance with the architectural project. 

We enable our civil engineers to calculate the static projects of many different types of reinforced concrete, steel and wooden structures, and together with the architectural project, we establish a healthy integrated structure with the principle of minimum return.

We offer you the optimum values for your building with creative engineering services by integrating the new systems brought by the latest technology into your structure.

We make our designs by being aware of the character of each structure and considering the different benefit/cost ratio brought by different systems,

Our goal is not to do many projects, but to do healthy projects. It is our sensitivity to consider every project we will do in this direction, down to the smallest detail.  

  • Mass Housing

  • Residences

  • Social Areas

  • Special Sports Facilities

  • Industrial Buildings

  • Urban Transformation Areas

We provide services in Ankara-based areas.​​

Interior Designer at Work


We are at your side with our creative and economical solution suggestions in every area you want to be made or renewed with interior designs that determine the quality of your living space, give it its soul, and adapt to your lifestyle that changes as you change.

We believe that design is a different skill, we care about functionality and interaction within the space. While designing a space, we prioritize the feelings of that space, the movements of the individuals living in it, and the purpose of use of the project.

Interior architecture is not object placement, material selection and decoration. with our architects  Starting with the target audience analysis of a living space, we plan nuances such as the design of the function within the space and the interaction design between individuals. With this planning, we are moving to the project design phase that responds to the demands of that target audience. In the project process, which started with the concept design, every detail used in the space is carefully determined. Then, if you wish, we also offer support in the application and supervisory processes. Your ideas show the way at every step of the process.

Our aim is that the designs we present to our customers on paper are of a quality that will meet different expectations, and that dreams can come true during the application phase.

We devotedly carry out many processes such as renovating your buildings, decorating them with bright ideas, making repairs, applying insulation materials, adding new designs to buildings with additional systems. We are at your side with our creative and economical solution suggestions in every area you want to be renovated, such as striking restaurant design, office partition, housing renovation, lighting consultancy, store renovation, interior and exterior wall designs, caravan - tiny house design.

In line with the increasing demand in recent years, we carry out Ankara-based works in the field of interior design, mainly in shops, restaurants, residences and offices.

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